Wilton CE

Primary School

Everyone Belongs, Everyone Achieves.






Nothing should ever go unchallenged, be brave and challenge yourself

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated

Love for god, love for each other, love for learning

Have the highest aspirations of yourself and others, never give up

Listen to one another, everyone is unique, everyone has a voice

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The Teaching of Phonics and Reading


Phonics and spellings are taught daily throughout the school. When children start EYFS they being by following the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. Alongside phonics children are taught tricky words; these are the words that can’t be spelt phonetically.


When children enter KS2 spellings are taught using Spelling Bees scheme of work. This is aligned to the National Curriculum 2014. 


Reading is also taught daily, both as a discreet subject and through other areas of the curriculum. To ensure that children are exposed to a variety of text types the school uses a range of reading schemes, including Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Stars and Project X. These books include fiction and non-fiction. Children progress through the reading scheme through ‘coloured book bands’. when a child moves to the next level book band they receive a certificate.


The school aims for all children to read for enjoyment at least five times a week. Children are rewarded for reading at home and celebrated in classes and as a whole school. 



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