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Nothing should ever go unchallenged, be brave and challenge yourself

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated

Love for god, love for each other, love for learning

Have the highest aspirations of yourself and others, never give up

Listen to one another, everyone is unique, everyone has a voice

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Messages From Miss McAvoy

A message from the staff at Wilton CE Primary School

Friday 22nd May 2020


Good morning Astrid Class,


I hope you’ve all had a brilliant week of learning (hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy some of the lovely weather too).


I’ve seen so many brilliant things this week which you can see too if you click this link: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/pictures-and-videos-of-learning/


Next week is half term so I will not be posting learning on the class page and won’t be emailing either. I will be contactable during the half term should you need to reach me (please expect possible longer response times).


As it is half term there are lots of fun things you can do at home and outside. The opera company who came into school in March will be hosting a virtual open day tomorrow at https://operahollandpark.com/events/virtual-open-day-2020/. As a class who love to share ideas, if you do something that you think the rest of the class would enjoy, send me an email (or even a message on Teams). If you aren’t already using Teams, and would like you username again please let me know.


It is lovely to see so many of you have been using Teams to talk to each other. I’ve loved reading your messages to me, to each other and your group chats. I’m happy for these to continue because it is so important for you to keep talking to your friends. Please make sure if you are doing a video call, that your adults know and can supervise you (to keep everyone safe). Also, remember that I can see everything… so make sure the things you are talking about are things you would happily say in front of me.


I hope you all have a wonderful half term,


Miss McAvoy

Monday 18th May 2020


Good Morning Astrid Class,


This week’s maths focusses on place value and problems that need place value knowledge to answer them. Questions (and their answers) can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/miss-mcavoys-maths/.


A new maths challenge can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/maths-challenges/.


This week’s spellings continues to look at homophones (words that have the same sound but different spelling and meaning) https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/spellings/.


An updated timetable for BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy can be found using this link as well as this week’s learning project (Week 7). https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/learning-from-home-ideas-to-magpie/


White Rose Maths lessons for the week are here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/white-rose-maths/ with links to the needed videos too.


There is a new Kahoot quiz focussing on understanding the relationship between numbers as words and numbers in numerals. https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/kahoot-quizes/


You can find the gallery celebrating last week’s learning here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/pictures-and-videos-of-learning/


I hope you have a fantastic week,


Miss McAvoy

Thursday 14th May 2020


Good Afternoon Astrid Class,


I hope you’ve had a great week of learning. I’ve seen some brilliant learning this week both in emails and on teams! I know lots of you have enjoying ‘Being the teacher’ and marking my maths (especially Courtney and Cole). Ariel’s been testing her 55 club too! All this is on top of the amazing artwork I’ve received and the brilliant learning on teams.


Lots of you have already been on to teams and are using it to complete learning. If you are able to access MS Teams, it’s a great way for the children to share learning assigned by myself with me and gives me the opportunity to respond to the children and provide them with feedback. New assignments will be posted on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will show as being due a week later.


You will see that in ‘Learning Projects’ there has been a small change. There is now a sub-section for white rose maths. In this section: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/white-rose-maths/ you will find each week’s maths learning here, there are videos which explain the learning and then a worksheet to complete (this does not need to be printed and could be written instead). There is also an answer sheet provided. There are four lessons a week. At present there are 5 weeks of maths up (including next week).


You’re all doing a fantastic job,


Miss McAvoy

Monday 11th May 2020


Good Morning Astrid Class,


This week’s learning will be taking a change of direction. Most learning this week will be set on MS Teams before it will be put on the class page. You all received your logins from Mr Boase last week. Learning has already been scheduled to be added for Reading and Writing. This learning will have a 1 week due date but can be submitted after the due date. I intend to be adding Maths to MS teams by the middle of the week. If you have any difficulties in using MS teams please do let me know and I will try my best to resolve them. The first quiz is simple to complete and will give you an idea of how MS Teams works.


It’s brilliant to see that children have been using the Kahoot! Quizzes set to recap previous learning. The current quizzes end at 3pm today (Monday 11th May 2020). Links can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/kahoot-quizes/. New quizzes will be added soon – details will be found in the same place. Please do remember you can attempt quizzes more than once – can you improve your score?


Following this link: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/ve-day-1/ takes you to VE Day activities and pictures I’ve been sent. If you did anything to mark VE Day please do email me, I would love to hear about it!


I hope you all have a fantastic week of learning,


You’re all doing an amazing job,


Miss McAvoy

Thursday 7th May 2020


Good Morning Astrid Class,


I hope that you’ve all had a fantastic week. I’m emailing a little earlier this week as tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Attached to this email are some documents to help explain the importance of VE Day for children and some activities that could be done. This activities can also be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/ve-day-1/. If you do anything to celebrate VE Day I would absolutely love to know/see.


You should have received an email from Mr Boase with information about MS Teams. This is a platform that will enable me to be able to set learning for the children, the children to send the learning to me and then I can mark the learning. The children can then see the feedback that I have given them. There is a very simple quiz to do when they log in to check that they can access it. If you run into any difficulties please don’t hesitate to message myself for support. I will be adding more assignments from Monday onwards. Please do try to log in to Teams if you can.


I’ve also been busy making some Kahoot! Quizzes for the children. These quizzes focus on revision of things already taught and are interactive. If your child wishes to have a second try (to improve their time or score that is not a problem at all – I will get notified of all attempts). Links to the current Kahoots are here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/kahoot-quizes/. These will be available until 3pm on Monday 11th May 2020.


Lastly, I would like to celebrate the fantastic learning that has taken place this week. I know that these are difficult times but you are all doing a fantastic job. I’ve loved seeing such brilliant maths from Alfie, Cole and Emily. It’s brilliant to see Ariel has still been practicing her 55 club at home! Yoshua has been busy making artwork and has made a fantastic VE Day poster already! He and his sister Bella have also made a sensory box each. Riley and Harley made me smile (and giggle) with their brilliant video (if you haven’t seen if yet check the class page – it’s brilliant). I am envious of Cole and the chicks in his household – he’s even had one helping with his learning! Click here https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/pictures-and-videos-of-learning/ to see what everyone has been up to.


Thank you for everything you do,


Miss McAvoy

Monday 4th May 2020


Good Morning All,


I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.


This week I have already added some word problems using addition and subtraction to the class page: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/miss-mcavoys-maths/ and intend to add some multiplication including the method soon. Answers to the word problems can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/miss-mcavoys-maths-answers/. Videos showing how to solve the questions using bar models will be up shortly. The 5th and 6th Maths problems can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/maths-challenges/.


A new set of spellings can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/spellings/. We have learnt about apostrophe’s for plurals a few times this year but it is a tricky concept to grasp.


This week’s Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize schedules are available here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/learning-from-home-ideas-to-magpie/. Please note that Bitesize will not be posting lessons on Friday due to it being a bank holiday.


Well done to everyone who tried the Kahoot multiplication quiz you all did fantastically! This link: https://create.kahoot.it/share/place-value-quiz/4b11a6fc-11af-4ce4-b654-9f32f55d0789 will take you to a new Kahoot quiz. This quiz focusses on place value and mainly on ordering numbers. Be careful to read the question for the instructions. You have 4 minutes per question to answer.


I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.


Thank you for everything that you are doing,


Miss McAvoy

Friday 1st May 2020


Good Morning everyone,


I hope you’ve had a fantastic week, I’ve loved the emails I’ve received this week. You can find the fantastic things your friends have done by clicking this link: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/pictures-and-videos-of-learning/


I am hoping to try a more interactive style of learning with the children over the next few weeks, one way will be using Kahoot. Those of you with children in other classes may have already come across it. I have set up a 10 question multiplication test. This test has no time limit per question as I want the children to focus on accuracy rather than speed. This quiz will tell me answer the children gave and it will tell them if it was correct. When the children pick their ‘nickname’ it would be really helpful if they use their name. No children have the same first name in the class so there won’t be any confusion. I’m hoping that in the coming weeks we may be able to start doing live quizzes/activities together. I will be using some of the time over the following few days/weeks to discover the other ways that Kahoot (and other websites/apps) can be used. This is the link for the Kahoot multiplication test: https://kahoot.it/challenge/08539798?challenge-id=362e255e-6f77-42c2-ad9a-23ee9c977957_1588237735565 The test will be live until 9am on Monday 4th May. I know that it can be difficult to access things online so if you’re not in a position to do so, there is no pressure from me for it to be completed.


My aim over the next few weeks is to be putting up answers to questions on the same day as the questions so that the answers are available when you complete learning.


Starting today I will be making phonecalls home to see how you are all doing, hopefully speak to the children (I am missing them rather a lot) and see if there’s anything I can do to support. These calls will either be from a Salisbury phone number or from a withheld number depending on where I am at the time.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Thank you for your ongoing support,


Miss McAvoy

Monday 27th April 2020


Good afternoon all,


I hope you’ve all had a restful weekend.


As Monday is upon us once again you will see that the website has been updated with some new learning, with more learning to follow during the week.

New maths can be found at https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/miss-mcavoys-maths/. This week I have added some subtractions that get harder as you go further down the page. Underneath is a video recapping how to use column method.


Answers to last week’s maths can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/miss-mcavoys-maths-answers/.


The forth maths challenge can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/maths-challenges/. Please remember that the Blue questions are aimed at older questions so may not be suitable for Year 4.


Answers to Day 1, 2 and 3 can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/white-rose-maths-challenges-answers/.


I’ve loved seeing pictures and videos of the children doing things they love doing! Feel free to send them as well as / instead of learning.


I hope you all have a fantastic week. Please remember I am only an email away should you need anything.


Miss McAvoy




Friday 24th April 2020


Good afternoon,


I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. I’m sure many of you have found the first week of the Summer Term to be as odd as I have.


I have absolutely loved seeing the learning that has happened this week. It always brings a smile to my face to see the children and/or their learning. I’m also really enjoying seeing the other things that the children are able to do (and I’m always made hungry by the delicious treats being made)! This week’s pictures can be found here: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/pictures-and-videos-of-learning/


While learning is important, I would like to personally echo Mr Boase’s words from this morning. The most important thing during these times is happiness and wellbeing. I know that in our household we’ve been trying to keep busy with colouring and jigsaw puzzles. Mr McAvoy (who has been a volunteer listening to the children reading) and I have been doing more of his meccano Ferrari. It would be lovely to see you doing the things you are enjoying.


Most of all, I would like to thank you for being so wonderful and doing such an amazing job.


Finally, on the class page there is a message from myself to the children: https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/messages-from-miss-mcavoy/ . This message features my dog Daisy who the children have heard a lot about but haven’t seen. I will post messages to the children from time to time using this section of the website.


Miss McAvoy


Still image for this video
A little message from Daisy and I (who turned 6 yesterday).

Monday 20th April 2020


Good morning everyone,


I hope you all had a restful Easter holidays and found things to do (which I know was a challenge).


I’m looking forward to seeing the fantastic learning the children do during this week.


You may have noticed that the class page has had a bit of a revamp and tidy up. Learning should be easier to find now. When you follow the link to the class page https://www.wilton.dsat.org.uk/astrid/ you will see there are several subsections. These include:

  • Miss McAvoy’s Maths – in this section I will be posting calculations and problems to solve which use skills already taught during the school year. Where appropriate I will be adding videos to recap the method used.
  • Miss McAvoy’s Maths Answers – in this section I will be posting the answers to the calculations in Miss McAvoy’s Maths. This will be at least 1 day after the questions were posted to give you a chance to complete the calculations.
  • White Rose Maths Challenges – in here I will be posting additional maths challenges which have been created by the team at White Rose. White Rose resources are fantastic and created by leading experts in the area of maths.
  • White Rose Maths Challenges Answers – here I will be sharing videos which show you how to solve the White Rose challenges.
  • Multiplication Tables – here are a range of sources to find ways to test and learn multiplication tables.
  • Spellings – I will be adding the weekly spellings here as well as other spelling resources from time to time.
  • Learning projects – here you will find the learning projects that I expect the children to be completing (this week would be Week 3).
  • Pictures and Videos of Learning – here you will see the pictures and videos of learning I have been sent (where it has been possible to upload them). Should you not wish your child to appear here please tell me in the email with the picture/video. This is a place to celebrate the learning that has been done and give you a chance to see what your friends have been doing.
  • Message From Miss McAvoy – here you will find the emails I am sending to parents along with occasional videos to the children.
  • The Easter Holidays – as this Easter has been a very different one, and today I can’t catch up with the children about the exciting things they have done in their Easter Holidays it would be lovely to share the things they have done. Please do feel free to email me with things you have done to add to the website (pictures and videos optional). Perhaps they’ve been helping with the cooking/baking or just enjoying some time in the fresh air and sunshine.


Below are my expectations of learning:

Daily learning:
1 x reading (should be reading something and answering questions/summarising – questions are on the class page)

1 x spellings

1 x writing

1 x maths

1 x topic/project


Ideas for the reading, spellings, writing, maths and topic are in the learning projects on the class page.


I would like some learning to be emailed to me each week. This can be pictures of learning that you are especially proud of, something that needed lots of perseverance or something that you really enjoyed.


When you email you can either reply to this email or email me at smcavoy@wilton.dsat.org.uk .


I am really looking forward to seeing all of your fantastic learning and your answers to the maths questions I’ve left.


Miss McAvoy

Friday 3rd April 2020


Good Afternoon Everyone,


I have loved seeing pictures and videos of your amazing learning this week. It’s been really lovely to see so many of you doing extra-curricular learning like baking, gardening and cross-stitch. It’s been lovely to see so many of you have been continuing to practice sports that you do outside of school such as cartwheels, karate and taekwondo.


I’ve also loved seeing how many of you have been reading regularly, writing and even doing your own spelling tests!


Please don’t forget the importance of reading, if you are struggling to find new things to read, many libraries have set up online access to books for free, audible has made children’s audio books free to access and everyone should have received an email from ‘EPIC!’ which gives access to looks of digital books.


The next two weeks would normally have been the Easter holidays, so I am not expecting the children to complete learning during this time and will not be updating the website until after the Easter holidays. You will notice when you next look on the class page of the website that it looks a bit different! I’ve moved all COVID-19 learning into its own folders, along with folders to celebrate the learning I have received and copies of the emails I have sent out.


I am also sending you a link to a webpage sent to my family that you may find useful. It has been sent by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council and has a range of things that can be done from the comfort of your own home. They are suggestions for things that are suitable for adults and children. It includes a range of things from nature and wildlife, health and fitness, exercise classes, ways to access from books and magazines, mindfulness and free celebrity classes.




I hope that you all have a peaceful and restful holidays filled with precious memories.


Thank you for all that you are doing during these difficult and uncertain times,


Miss McAvoy

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good Morning Everyone,


I hope you all had a peaceful and restful weekend. I’m really looking forward to seeing the learning you do during the week.


Keep your eyes peeled on the website for new things during the week (spellings, maths problems and maybe even videos explaining the maths problems already on the page).


Thank you for all that you are doing to support your children’s learning during this time.


Miss McAvoy

Friday 27th March 2020


Good Afternoon,


I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.


It has been lovely to see so much learning this week. Please do feel free to email with pictures of the children and/or their learning. I do read email and every email even if I cannot reply to each one individually. I have loved seeing Abel doing karate, Cole being out in fresh air, Alfie conducting a science investigation, Evelynne learning about music and Ariel practicing her times tables (just to mention a few).


Don’t forget to record learning in the green books that were sent home in the last few days of school (if not any book/paper is absolutely fine).


Below are a new set of spellings:












You’re all doing fantastically,


Miss McAvoy


Still image for this video

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good Morning All,


I hope you have all had a restful weekend. I hope that this week is productive for you all. I look forward to seeing some of the fantastic learning you complete!


I will be updating the class page during the week (at least weekly) so please keep your eyes peeled for extra challenges and any additional resources that I upload.


Shortly after sending this email I will be sending you a link to Epic! Books which enables you to access it for free until the 30th June 2020. It requires setting up an account but were will be no charge for using this service.


Please feel free to email me learning that you are proud of/photos of learning. I would love to see them. While I won’t be able to respond to each email individually, I will be sharing some of this learning in an email later in the week.


Thank you for your ongoing support during these uncertain and testing times.


Miss McAvoy