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Everyone Belongs, Everyone Achieves.






Nothing should ever go unchallenged, be brave and challenge yourself

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated

Love for god, love for each other, love for learning

Have the highest aspirations of yourself and others, never give up

Listen to one another, everyone is unique, everyone has a voice

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Children move around the space you have

Then call out different body parts and they have to balance on these parts for 3 seconds

Examples: 2 hands, 1 foot, bottom, shoulders -there will be giggly moments!!

At the end of the game say the whole body- children can lie flat on the floor -to calm them down

In the Jungle


Explain to the children that they are running through the 'jungle'

and run into many animals that they need to get away from.

Give commands and the children carry out an action.


  • jump over logs
  • duck under branches
  • high knees through the quicksand
  • run from the tigers
  • tip toe past the snakes
  • talk to the monkeys (ooh,ooh,aah,aah)
  • swing through the jungle like Tarzan-children beat their chests.

Pirate Ship

Still image for this video
Have fun playing with us!

To help with our language play the PE games below:


Traffic Lights

Introduce a few actions at a time-and each time you play add a couple more actions

Call out and complete the relevant action:

  • Red - Stop
  • Yellow - Run on the spot
  • Green - Run around the area
  • Roundabout - turn round once
  • Motorway - sprint (leave until a bit later in the warm-up)
  • Speedbump - jump and carry on.
  • Foggy weather - two learners pair up one behind the other. The one in front leads the one at the back who has his / her eyes closed.
  • Low bridge - everyone walks around hunched over / low to the ground.
  • Traffic Jam - walk or slowly jog.
  • Right or Left - pupils change direction.
  • School Zone - slow walking, stop and slow walking again.
  • Change Lanes - change direction.
  • Reverse Parking - walk backwards.
  • Roadworks - run in single file.
  • Breakdown - lie down until rescued.
  • Rain - use arms to mimic windscreen wipers.
  • Zebra crossing - gallop like a zebra.
  • Pelican crossing - walk and move arms up and down in front of your body (opening and closing like a beak) or move by sides like wings.
  • Lollipop lady - children all put hands out in front of them and shout "stop".
  • Traffic warden - children look at a pretend 'watch' and waggle finger saying "tut tut tut"
  • Police Car - Sit on floor and spin round shouting "nee naw nee naw".
  • Fire Engine - Run around pretending to have a hose in their hands.




Washing Game


Commands are as follows:

  • Skirt - Children sit on floor with legs stretched out wide.
  • Trousers - Children sit on floor with legs outstretched together.
  • Shorts - Children sit on floor hugging legs into stomach.
  • Dress - Children stand up with legs outstretched.
  • Washing machine - Jump up and down on the spot.
  • Spin Dryer - Spin around on the spot.

         Can you think of anymore?

Mr Men


Say the name of a Mr. Man and have them move like him:

  • Mr. Slow - move slowly.
  • Mr. Rush - move fast.
  • Mr. Jelly - shake your whole body.
  • Mr. Muddle - walk backwards.
  • Mr. Bounce - bounce!
  • Mr. Small - crouch and move.
  • Mr. Strong - move flexing your muscles.
  • Mr. Tall - stretch up and move (good for stretching once the children's hearts are racing.)
  • Mr. Tickle - wave around your arms in a crazy way.
  • Mr. Happy - move around with big smiles on your face.


You can add more including Little Miss characters.