Wilton CE

Primary School

Everyone Belongs, Everyone Achieves.






Nothing should ever go unchallenged, be brave and challenge yourself

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated

Love for god, love for each other, love for learning

Have the highest aspirations of yourself and others, never give up

Listen to one another, everyone is unique, everyone has a voice

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Week 1

Thursday's English


Write a diary pretending you were part of the team that found Tutankhamen’s Tomb.  Describe what happened, how you felt and what you found.  Remember to use all of your senses to describe being in the tomb.  Use the notes you made on Day 2 and the information on the reading comprehension sheets.

Wednesday - Please complete the inverted comma sheet below. This is a recap of learning we have done in the past to check you remember! There is information at the start to help you.

Tuesday - Note taking. Please highlight the text and then make notes. you will need these notes for Thursday's learning.