Wilton CE

Primary School

Everyone Belongs, Everyone Achieves.






Nothing should ever go unchallenged, be brave and challenge yourself

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated

Love for god, love for each other, love for learning

Have the highest aspirations of yourself and others, never give up

Listen to one another, everyone is unique, everyone has a voice

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Week 3

Week 3 Project.


This week I would like you to design your own predator.  It needs to use the features you identified last week, for example it needs to travel fast either by swimming, flying or running.  It needs to have a way of catching its prey either a beak, claws, talons or mouth.  You can make your predator look however you like. It is completely up to you as you are making it up yourself.  I would like you to draw your predator and then label it's features.  Tell me about it - What is it called? Where does it live? What does it eat? How does it catch it's prey? Does it have any other interesting facts?


I am looking forward to seeing all of your amazing predators.  Remember to ask your parents to send them over to me at mjones@wilton.dsat.org.uk 

Week 3 challenge