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Nothing should ever go unchallenged, be brave and challenge yourself

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated

Love for god, love for each other, love for learning

Have the highest aspirations of yourself and others, never give up

Listen to one another, everyone is unique, everyone has a voice

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Week 5

Day 1


Close your eyes and imagine you’ve been catapulted far into the future.  You’re face to face with a human race that has gone through thousands of years of evolution. Everything is different. The environment has changed. Society has changed. Nothing looks the same. The year is 4250.


The world as you know it has changed and moved on, so how are you going to survive? What will you need in this new world?


What will society look like?

How will society have changed?

How would evolution and adaptation have caused these changes?


What factors do you think will have the greatest influence on human evolution? Will it be climate change, population size, food sources, technology, medicine, selective breeding or something else?


Choose the factor that you think will be most influential and sketch out some ideas for how this might affect the human form. 


For instance you might choose climate change as the factor that has the greatest influence on human evolution so how might this affect the human form? Well our lungs might have adapted to breathe in more oxygen through becoming efficient.  Technology might have evolved to the point where humans would need a mechanical device to help with breathing? Due to climate change certain foods might not be able to be grown anymore so might we need more food supplements i.e. medicines/tablets, or might we have evolved to not require food anymore but something else?


Create a spider diagram of your ideas remembering to connect areas that link together with a line, like a spider's web!


Day 2


Pick each idea on your spider diagram and develop into more detailed thoughts.  Use the internet if needed to expand on your ideas.  Be creative!  Consider using scientific vocabulary such as words like trait, transformation, environment, adaptation, survival and extinction.


Create key phrases, short notes for each idea.


Day 3


Create a Boxing Up plan for an Explanation Text that explains how society in the year 4250 has changed due to the factor you have chosen. 


So for instance in my example above, my explanation text would be focused on how climate change has affected the human form and I would use the Boxing Up plan to place my key phrases and short notes to help plan the structure for my writing.  Bare in mind the tense you will be using.  It would depend on what you are writing about and whether you are referring to something that happened in the past or something that is happening now.


Day 4


Create your explanation text.  Consider using Microsoft Publisher or using Word if you are able to access it.  Creating it on paper is brilliant too!  Remember to add images, with captions and include the remaining features of an explanation text.  Look back to Week 3 for reminders.