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Resource Base Expansion Consultation

At Wilton CE Primary school we are very proud of our resource base and the difference it makes to local children. We have recently been in discussions with Wiltshire council to increase the number of children we can have in the base and are conducting a formal consultation to increase the resource base from 10 to 20 children. 

Wilton Resource Base, known as Paddington class, caters for children with speech, language and communication needs and provides specialist teaching to allow the children to make the best possible progress whilst having access to a mainstream school. The class is a central part of the school and is not treated any differently to any other class.

To allow for the extra 10 children we are planning to have some building work completed over the summer holiday and we will also be recruiting new staff to work within the resource base from September 2023. There will be very little impact to the rest of the school.

The formal consultation is attached and if you have any questions, or would like more information, you are very welcome to come and talk to me or to attend an informal consultation meeting on Thursday 18th May at 1530 in the school hall.

The full consultation can be found in the document below.